Visit to Wootton Bassett

I have been a mixture of a giddy kipper, and nervous about today. We get up and leave home early. The journey down is good and we arrive at Wootton Bassett at 11.30 we are due to meet Tracey & Andrew at 12.00.

A walk around the really pretty town. Our fallen heroes from Afganistan, and Iraq are repatriated through here.

We park up and Andrew greets us. They are wonderful doggy people and their canine family are fantastic. I am in my element.

We meet  puppy Mum, Megan – Lightbringer Jitterbug . and Puppy Grandma, Hazel.

The ‘sire’, puppies Dad, Whiskey, lives in Wales.  Pedigree:

Tracey gives us a copy of the pups, pedigree chart, (family tree). More on this later!

We have a great time and eventually have to leave far more excited than when we arrived…is that possible?

We get back home and check Bogart and Charlie’s pedigree chart to find that Whiskey’s Great Grandfather was Bogart and Charlie’s Uncle!

I am officially over giddy now. ALL we have to do now is wait!