We meet Roger….

Today we are booked in for a snuffle and cuddle at with OUR vet Roger. We know he’s good because he looked after our brothers Benson, Bogart and Charlie… They thought he was lovely

The feeling is mutual!

We get weighed…Reggie is 4.08kg Bartie is 3.47kg!

The Nurse Tracey gives us a cuddle as do the reception staff.

Our journey Home…

We were going to our new home today….

Mum and Dad had got us a ‘pee tight’ box to travel in.

We got settled into it at Tracey & Andrews and set off for our three hour plus ride home to Derbyshire.

Once in the car we settled and got down to the serious business of snoozing.

Are we there yet?

Six Weeks Old and Growing….

Another visit to the pups in Wootton Bassett. The hard part was leaving them behind. Only 5 sleeps to go!

What a difference two weeks has made…

This visit the pups come to greet us

Hi Mum & Dad !

Reggie is settled in Laurie’s arms.

When we first arrived we didn’t think the pups had grown much. Then we picked them up! If you check them from two weeks ago they have grown soooo much.

Bartie and Reggie

My gorgeous bundles of fluff

Another group hug Bartie is in the middle making sure he gets his fair share!

Reggie goes to get his cuddles from the girls…