No Sign yet….

I never thought we would be this anxious about the birth of ‘our boys’. Everytime I get a text message or an e-mail I have to look at it NOW in case it’s news about the pups.

I am having to control myself not to e-mail Tracey every few hours to see if there is any news. Last time Tracey e-mailed me was 10 days ago and she was giddy then so I know see will be worse than me now.

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow Megan will have her litter then I can concentrate on just being giddy and start the countdown to going to see them.

My friends keep texting and e-mailing to ask if I know anything yet I have to keep saying ‘Not yet’ ¬†When I do know something they will be able to hear our whoops where ever they are!

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