How Heavy…

7am and the door bells rings…the Delivery man had nearly given himself an hernia carrying our next purchase up the steps to the front door.

Thankfully Laurie had answered the door, both for me and the delivery man, as he could ‘lift’ it over the door step.

We are now in possession of a wonderful Crufts Freedom Puppy Pen.

All those years of practising with Ikea ‘allen keys’ will hopefully help us in the construction of this engineering monster. We will get our cuddly Labrador models to pose once we have conquered the puppy pen.

How spoilt are these boys going to be

Added (much) ┬álater….

It's the DB's !!!

One thought on “How Heavy…

  1. Congratulations to the proud parents!!

    Well – I turn my back to chase the sun for two weeks and look what happens!!! It was a very anxious time before I left and was so pleased to get the ‘they are born’ message just before I left. Such a lot has happend since then. Lovely photos, new boxes – and soon I bet you will be dashing down to see them in the flesh. Glad to see the cuddly type are standing in for box and car box duty – tee hee. Cannot wait to see and cuddle the real thing.

    Love and hugs Glenys xxxx

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