24 Week Weigh in…

The boys have been discharged from the vets all has healed beautifully.

They continue to fill our lives with joy, and thanks to Bartie loads of laughs. He is quite the entertainer. They has lost all their baby teeth and have a set of lovely pearly white ‘big’ teeth.

Reggie        22.8kg          Bartie 21.8kg

23 Week Weigh in

Well those of us on diets may have talked about cutting bits off to help lose weight.

The boys HAVE had bits cuts off and they still gained weight this week. The Vets has told us to cut down on their food as they are starting to look TOO well fed!

Reggie        21.8kg          Bartie         20.2kg

You’re going to cut where?

Our pups are growing so fast and doggy adolescence has found them.

It must be time to make the cruellest cut of all. They are booked in to allow them time to recover from the operation before the next puppy class so we can ‘nurse’ them back to health.

The operation went well. Roger has done an excellent job with his cross stitch. Two days after the procedure the pups are running around like nothing has happened and we are chasing them trying to prevent them pulling a stitch.

The boys are fine we are exhausted!